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Everything you need to know about your bird!

So far, I've had 4 years experience with my 5 amazing fids (feathered kids)- a cockatiel (Casey), a black-masked lovebird (Skittles), a peach-faced lovebird (Jellybean), and 2 budgies (Robert and Butterkeet).

Through the years I've researched their care intensely, both online and in books, especially concentrating on nutrition (its so complex!) and have joined many bird-related groups to learn more.

I'm hoping to make this an one-stop-shop website for learning about bird care, with stuff you won't find on any other website. There's tons of sites on bird care, but they all are basically the same. So basically I'm going to sum it all up, and add some stuff from my own experiences.

I really only know about the species I own, but I'll try to put up links for other species, and in the future I'll try and recruit some other experienced bird owners of different species to help me with some articles so we can really make the site "all things avian" lol.. enjoy!



Please leave feedback! Anything I'm missing? Anything you don't agree with? Anything you think I should add? Click here to email me!