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DIY Bird Gym!

Favorite Gyms

My favorite Bird Gyms, Trees, and Playstands!

Tip for Playstands: It's fairly easy (and cheap!) to design your own playstand. All you need is some pvc and pvc glue and a couple of stainless steel eye screws (for hanging toys). You can also get some natural wood from online (check ebay) or from your backyard (make sure it's a safe wood! check my "safe woods" page) to screw on. I made my own for under $30! (with 10ft pvc, 10 corner pieces, 4 eye screws, pvc glue, a swing, and a ladder)

You could also use wood- check out the DIY Bird Gym page!


The best value for great bird gyms. Prices range from $29.95 to $150.00, this being the top of the line gym. Base is 30" by 20" and it's 45" tall! You can get this and other amazing gyms at Bird Gyms R Us.


Beautiful natural wood gyms (chewers like lovebirds love these!). Prices range from $230-$800. This one is $627. These are available at the Designer Cages Website


Want something a little cheaper? These playstands are only $12.99-$31.99 at Drs. Foster and Smith. The "Bead Me Up, Scotty," my favorite, is $31.99.

Bird Gyms R Us

Designer Cages

Drs. Foster and Smith

Think you have a bird gym/playstand/tree that's outstanding in quality and value? Email me the link with your review of it! Use "favorite gym" as the subject line. Click here to email me!