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So You Want a Lovebird?

Well, you THINK you want a lovebird. Read this before you go out and buy one!


Lovebirds are fun little balls of energy. I'm sure you've read this on lots of sites already! They aren't picky with toys, and tame lovies are very cuddly and love to give kisses, well.. supposively (mine sure don't, although, I would never trust them near my mouth!).

They also don't lose alot of feathers, which makes the cages alot easier to clean. Cockatiels and budgies lose TONS of feathers!


In my experience Lovebirds are THE messiest birds. You literally will have to change their water dishes 3 times a day if you don't want the room to smell like rancid milk. They find it fun to throw everything inside the water they can find, and they also (no matter how high you put the dish in the cage!) find a way to poop in it several times a day.. I think they think it is there toilet!

They also bite VERY hard. I'm talking at least 25% of the times they bite you, you will be bleeding. They are sometimes called the "pitbulls of the bird world." It's difficult to train them not to bite. If you aren't the most patient person in the world, it's going to be extremely frustrating. All my lovies bite, and often. The 2 that I have are very territorial, and even when they were both tame, they still bit at random moments. I mean they would be sitting on my shoulder and just attack my neck for no reason at all. A cousin of mine had a lovebird who was extremely tame for a while, but then after sexual maturity, it turned into a monster.

Do you have other birds? If you plan on keeping them in the same room as your lovies, don't ever plan on letting them loose in that room. Once, my cockatiel got out when I was in the room and climbed onto the lovies cage (BIG MISTAKE!). Poor Casey is now missing a toe. It's actually gotten to the point where I have to give away my 2 lovies, because I can never let my birds out anymore, because of their aggressiveness towards other species.

Noise! They make LOTS of noise, and theres nothing you can do to shut them up. You can hear them from anywhere in the house, screaming and chattering and flapping their wings. Last night Jellybean (my peachfaced) was driving me crazy, because I had a cold and everytime I sneezed it would set him off shreiking!

Getting a mate. So you figure, if I can't tame them, I can just get another lovie and they will live happily ever after, right? You couldn't be farther from the truth. Especially if you have a female, finding another lovie yours will get along with will be hard work! If they don't like the other one, they will most likely fight, and it could even result in death of the weaker lovie. I went through many mates for my Skittles, and she hated all of them and would attack them as soon as they were introduced.

So, do you still want a lovebird? Don't get me wrong, they are tons of fun, I just wanted you to see the negative side to them too!


Peaches- RIP June 2003