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Favorite Cages

Tip for buying Cages: Cages designated as "parakeet cages" or "cockatiel cages" are NEVER big enough!

Go to my "Cage Info" page for more information on buying cages.


The best cage for a medium-large bird I have ever seen. This one is $940 at the King's Cages website. Kings Cages are the ONLY cages approved by the aspca.


Caitec Flight Cage- GREAT cage for any size bird! Available for $360 on clearance at the Drs. Foster and Smith website!


For something a little cheaper, but still high quality and big enough for a couple of budgies or similiar sized birds, there's this. It has horizontal bars on the sides (great for climbing!) and the top opens up which is really nice. There's even a nest box door. At Petsmart it's $100, but I got it for $70 at a local pet store.

Kings Cages Website


Drs. Foster and Smith

Think you have a cage that's outstanding in quality and value? Email me the link with your review of it! Use "favorite cage" as the subject line. Click here to email me!