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Tips for "Bird-proofing" your home!

Birds are like small children- they want to explore and TASTE everything! So you will want to "bird-proof" your home to make sure they don't get hurt!

The four biggest threats, in most bird homes, I think, are candles, cleaners, Teflon, and plants.

Scented candles hurt birds tiny lungs and can even KILL birds. NEVER light a scented candle in the same room as your bird.

Cleaners can be deadly to birds. I once read a story of a woman who sprayed febreze on her rug next to her Cockatoo's and Macaw's cages, and in the morning they were both dead. Basically anything that has a scent can hurt birds (unless it's something natural, like food).

Teflon! I wouldn't even use Teflon in the same house as my birds, and definitely not in the same room There are so many horrific stories of birds dying of Teflon poisoning. If a Teflon pan overheats, it emits fumes that cause seizing and death in pet birds, and can also cause problems in humans, like the "Teflon Flu." The kitchen is not a good place to keep your bird's cage!

Plants- Birds like to chew on everything, and a big juicy green plant will look great to them, but some are toxic. Find out what kind of plants you have and check on the Safe Plants List (link at the bottom of the page), to make sure it's on there.

Make sure all your windows have blinds or curtains that you can shut when your bird is loose. Also you will want to cover any mirrors. Birds have a tendency to fly into these. Smartest animals in the world, huh?

Safe foods: The rule of thumb is that anything that's good for you is good for your bird. But that's not always true. You don't want to feed a bird too much of anything that has lots of vitamins added. Your bird could overdose. Organic is always the best, and all fruits and veggies should be washed with a good fruit and veggie wash. Pesticides can be cancer-causing. NEVER feed your bird avacado, onions, chocolate, caffeine, or alcohol! Also nothing too sugary or salty.

Fans and Air Conditioners: You never want them to be blowing directly onto your birds. Birds are very sensitive to drafts and could catch a cold, which is very serious with birds, and could lead to death. You also don't want to put their cages right next to a window, for the same reason.

Safe Plants for Birds

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